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  • 8 January 2024

Riverside Resorts in Lansdowne | SB Mount Resort

A picturesque hill station in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne offers a tranquil retreat from the chaos of city life. If you're looking for a peaceful retreat where you can hear the soothing sounds of the river with every step, Lansdowne's Riverfront Resort is the place for you. With idyllic locations and modern amenities, these resorts provide the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation. In this article, we explore the best river resorts in Lansdowne that promise an unforgettable experience amidst natural bliss.

Perplexity: Unexpected insights for an unforgettable stay

At SB Mount Resort, disruption is the key to a great guest experience. The resort goes far beyond traditional hospitality standards to ensure every guest receives unexpected insights that leave a lasting impression.

SB Mount Resort: A Riverside Hideaway

In the heart of Lansdowne lies the riverside paradise of SB Mount Resort. Thanks to the resort's beautiful location, you can enjoy breathtaking river views from the comfort of your room. Imagine waking up to the tranquil sound of gently flowing water as the first sunlight illuminates the hills with a golden glow.

The resort offers a variety of well-appointed rooms designed with your comfort in mind. From cozy cottages to spacious suites, you'll find accommodation to suit your needs. All rooms feature modern amenities such as Wi-Fi access, quality linens, and breathtaking views. SB Mount Resort offers an experience like no other. Its riverside location, combined with the warm hospitality of our staff, makes for a truly memorable stay.- Last Guest

Enjoy delicious cuisine at the resort's multi-cuisine restaurant, serving local and internationalcuisine. As you savor every sip, the calming atmosphere and breathtaking river views transport you to a state of pure bliss. For the adventurous, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank or try your hand at fishing in the crystal clear waters. You can also go on exhilarating hikes, explore the surrounding hills and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Lansdowne.

Riverside Retreat: Enjoy nature

Hidden in the midst of nature, Riverside Retreat offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by lush greenery and a babbling river, this resort is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking peace and tranquility.

Personal service and warm hospitality

"The resort offers spacious and elegantly designed rooms, each with panoramic views of the river and surrounding countryside. Whether you choose a deluxe room or a luxurious cottage, you can expect unparalleled comfort and tranquility."

Riverside Retreat is the epitome of tranquility. The harmonious sounds of the river and the chirping of birds create a symphony that uplifts the soul. - Satisfied Guest

Enjoy a relaxing spa session at the resort's wellness center. Our trained therapists will treat you to a variety of soothing treatments. From Ayurvedic massages to aromatherapy, let us transport you to a world of soothing relaxation. If you're looking for adventure,Sb Mount River side Resort is for you. Explore the region's rich biodiversity by taking part in exciting activities such as rafting and mountain biking, or go on guided nature walks. For a more relaxing experience, relax on the riverbank with a book and soak in the tranquility that prevails here.

River View Resort: Where luxury meets nature

Set in the beautiful Lansdowne countryside, River View Resort is the perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty. With its stunning location overlooking the river, this resort promises a truly unforgettable stay. The resort has well-appointed rooms and cottages, each with enchanting views of the river and lush surroundings. With the perfect balance of modern convenience and rustic charm, these accommodations provide a cozy oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

River View Resort is a hidden gem in Lansdowne. The unobstructed views of the river and green hills are simply breathtaking.- Avid Visitor

* The resort's restaurants offer a variety of dishes to suit every taste, so you can enjoy delicious cuisine. From traditional Garhwali dishes to continental favorites, we have dishes that will leave you wanting more. Participate in a variety of recreational activities offered by the resort, including campfires, outdoor games, and nature walks. Stroll around the area and be mesmerized by the sight of colorful butterflies flying around and the chirping of birds.


Lansdowne River Resort is your gateway to a tranquil paradise, where a symphony of flowing rivers and majestic hills create a harmonious melody for the senses. Whether you choose SB Mount Resort, Riverside Retreat, or River View Resort, you'll immerse yourself in nature's bounty, enjoy unparalleled comfort, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Pack your bags and embark on a journey to a riverside paradise that promises to escape your daily routine and immerse you in breathtaking natural beauty.