hotel in lansdowne

SB Mount the Best Hotel in Lansdowne

Lansdowne is a town in the Himalayas that has old-world charm and a tranquil atmosphere. The town's elevation is 1,700 meters and pine trees are among the most abundant plant life. Two brothers Badrish and Brij wanted to do something with their lives in Uttrakhand, which led them to open up SB Mount Resort. Originally, it was a cow farm called Silgarh Dairy. The Hotel in Lansdowne business began in October 2008 next to a river surrounded by forests on three sides.

SB Mount Resort at Lansdowne Uttarakhand offers a truly private space and comfortable Ambience in professionally designed rooms. It is possibly the next Best thing to your home with adequate style, pet-friendly atmosphere, comfort & space.

SB Mount Resort is the Best Hotel in Lansdowne as it always tries to promote silence and nature and prefers customers with the same understanding except few celebrating occasions. Best place for monsoon lovers and especially for winter's breakfast in the sunshine and the river gives you the best feel. We have 3 different types of accommodation options: Semi-Deluxe, Deluxe, and Super-Deluxe. Super-Deluxe is a good choice for families with kids as it has a bunk bed with a monkey ladder.

There are many different places to explore while you're in Lansdowne, some of which include Bhulla Taal / Darwan Singh Museum/ Church and Tip In Top. One place that would be worth your time to visit is Tadkeshwar Mahadev, which is approximately 1.5 hours away from Lansdowne.